About Us

Double V Design Ltd has been providing computer consultancy to local, national and international companies since our founding in 2003.

Completed projects include:-

Development of a printed circuit board layout to 3d software interface for a French automotive electronics company
Development of a truck maintenance scheduling database for a local freight company and its service company
Setup of a complete computer hardware/software/communications installation for an estate agents in Winchester
Software development process review and implementation of software version control and defect tracking for a UK silicon EDA company.
Managed the move of the IT services of a utilities contractor to a brand new site

Many local computer owners, both business and personal, have also benefited from our ability to do cost effective upgrades and troubleshoot problems.

Company Founder Profile

Mike Ventham, MIEE, BSc (Hons)

Mike Ventham is the founder and managing director of Double V Design Limited. Mike has over thirty years experience in software development and information technology. Previously, he was head of development for a Canadian electronic analysis company, and has also worked for a UK PCB software company and a large computer consultancy.


No awards yet but we live in hope!


EDA Systems - International sales partner

Microsoft.com - Registered Business Partner


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